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As I have already introduced Julius I think that his current state he seems like an empty shell.


Or perhaps something more sophisticated, something needed, a peace of puzzle of a grander plan, something like a... tool. Yes Julius is a tool and like any tool it is wielder by the one who knows the craft the most. But who could that be? Here's a little preview:


So Say Julius is a backup tool just in case some "private" matters need to be dealt with.

Expanding the Horizons, Zommbox is erotica.

2013-12-19 12:53:24 by ZommBox

Good day, everyone. Zommbox here.

   As large as the inter webs is, I find that some* artists draw erotic parody comics and flash loops in a quick-buck "Easy Bake Oven" kind of manner which in the end results in, although resembling, somewhat disappointing and quite unsatisfying experience for a media. I have also come to notice that yet again some of those artists majorly side with a "tough love" setting for their scenarios. Well Zommbox is here to do my bidding differently.

   I beleive that as much as we subcontiously want to see our favourite animated series characters strip naked and undertake sessions upon sessions of unreal "rapage", a connection between the heroine and the intruder could prove to deliver more enjoiable sight than simply crude primal instincts. Enter Julius, a charm and bliss enchanted manifestation of every heroines lusting dreams. The one who lives for the sole purpose of satisfying a girls deepest and most daring sexual desires. Julius won't just open up the heroines hidden erotic self but reveal to her and guide her through the uncharted territories of the sexuality she couldnt dare bring herself to try. In the purest form he lives for her pleasure.

Hope to bring your greater range of erotic content,

Julius, PA - Zoombox.